Keeping your butt plug a secret is not a trivial matter

Products for adults are made not only for different purposes, have various forms and modifications, but also are made of different materials. All materials have their own characteristics and require different care for them. In this article we will explain in detail how to care for such products and for a long time to use them for their intended purpose.

How to wash a toy for adults?

Any device for intimate use must be cleaned, so you can extend the life of the toy, protect yourself from bacterial infection and venereal diseases if other people used it, and maintain the integrity of the material.

There are five ways to clean your favorite sex toy:

  1. Water and soap. The easiest and best way to wash is antibacterial soap. To avoid the electrical part, wash the toy with warm water and soap and leave this solution for a few minutes, then rinse well with water. Wipe the product with a paper towel or lint free cloth.
  2. If the material allows, then after the usual washing, dip the toy in boiling water for 7-10 minutes. Then remove the device or drain the water, dry the product after cooling.
  3. Mix the solution of bleach and water in the ratio of 1: 9. The product can be immersed in a solution or simply wipe it with a sponge moistened in the resulting liquid. Then be sure to rinse the toy in water and wipe it with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Place the toy on the top shelf of the dishwasher and turn on the delicate wash mode. Do not add any detergent! Then dry the toy.
  5. Special tools. If you do not want to mess around for a long time with cleansing, then get special tools for toys with antibacterial action. These can be sprays and gels. As a rule, instructions are attached to such tools, just follow it.

Before putting the toy in storage, check if there is any moisture left on it. A fungus or mold may appear on a completely non-dried product. Dry the toy with a paper towel or any soft cloth that does not leave a nap. After prolonged storage and preferably before each use, clean the product again.

Sex toy materials and care

The method of cleaning and disinfecting any intimate product depends on the material from which it is made. And if you properly and carefully take care of the material, you can be sure that the intimate accessory will serve you for a long time and will not disappoint you at the right moment. So let’s take a closer look at the care of certain materials.

Glass: Glass sex toys are extremely easy to clean. They can be processed in any way, but it is advisable to make sure that you are dealing with borosilicate glass, which is well resistant to high temperatures, if you want to boil the product. And also advice not to use powdered cleaning products in order not to scratch the surface of the device.

Metal. Metal toys for adults are made of surgical and chrome steel, the material is hard and cold. Caring for such devices is simple, clean as convenient, but not recommended in the dishwasher, as some dishwashing detergents can badly affect the metal, and also do not use jewelry cleaners.

Tree: In the production of wooden sex devices, a coating is applied to the surface that protects the tree from damage. Such products are not recommended to boil and scald, chlorinate and dishwasher safe.

Ceramics: Ceramic toys are reliable and hypoallergenic devices. They are easily cleaned with soap and water, it is recommended to use neutral and gentle detergents. Alcohol processing is allowed.

Storage of sex toys

Butt plugs aren’t for outside, it’s meant to be hidden. Where to hide your butt plugs? Try to ensure that the toys do not get direct sunlight, if possible dust (especially for electric toys). The place should be dry, cool, after washing, dry the toy. Batteries are better removed after use. Some materials may stick to each other, so store toys not just in a heap, but so that they do not touch. You can wrap them in cloths, or hide them in bags, just like hiding yoni eggs by parents from their kids. If you’re still short on ideas, take a reading here learn how to properly hide and store your sex toys or take someones ideas that works for you. You’ll also find additional tips in using butt plugs.

Life time

How long a sex toy will last depends on how often it is used, how intensely it is done, whether due care is generally followed and the rules of operation in particular. Phalluses, anal toys and other products, the meaning of which is not in vibration, are sent to the garbage when they already have cracks, notches, roughness, mold and contamination that cannot be washed off. Vibrating sex products become useless when there are significant vibration problems, such as battery breakdown. Masturbators such as “realistic “, are thrown out after the appearance of cracks and tears in the product.


Sex products should be washed before use, and after use, too. If the device is on batteries – you need to wash it very carefully, so that no water gets on the contacts. How to clean and disinfect a toy, usually indicated on the package and insert with instructions. How to wash? See what kind of stuff. Plastic and glass can be washed with warm water and soap, and alcohol can be used for disinfection. Latex, gel and silicone are also warm water with soap, but additional cleaning should be done with a special cleaner for such materials.


It is recommended to apply lubricant to almost everything that somehow contacts with the genitals. It must be chosen depending on the material from which the product is made. But it is not difficult to remember that lubricants on a fat basis such as petroleum jelly or ordinary cream are not suitable for sexual purposes. It is possible to spoil a toy in such a way that it can’t be repaired, and to disrupt the organism’s micro flora, which is fraught with inflammation and other diseases

Now you can think about the cache. The best place is not far from the bed. In the heat of passion, it is not at all ridiculous to crawl under a bed or to substitute a chair in order to get a toy from the cabinet.

Behind the Seven Seals

The most obvious places for arranging the cache are chests and bedside tables, the drawers of which can be equipped with a lock. It is safe to keep all lubricants, condoms, sex toys, porn, and not be afraid of awkward situations. The main thing is not to lose the key. Quite well you can hide sex toys and behind the picture, if there is equipped with a built-in safe. It is only necessary, burning with impatience, to remember the code.

Why books are in the house?

If there are bookshelves in the room, especially with thick books that no one wants to read, then you can use the space behind them. And for real agents 007 you can make a cache in a thick book with a hard cover (like in a movie), a small amount of glue on the corners of the pages will help you to hide intimate toys more reliably.

Under the mattress

Not the worst option – to store sex toys under the mattress. Put the toys in a bag or wrap them in a cloth and place them between the mattress and the bed frame. The mattress should be thick enough so that the cache cannot be visually detected. You only need to follow, so as not to break them while sleeping or having sex without using toys.

This is not what you think.

The first thing that comes to mind is a box. Old boxes of cameras, hair dryers, playbooks, shoe boxes – all this is of little interest to others, regardless of what lies in the middle. Wireless capsule vibrators, finger vibrators, some penis rings. It is very easy to hide in large bottles for vitamins that need to be pre-washed well. An additional bonus to such a cache – such bottles are quite difficult to open for children. The old lantern is also a wonderful place, it can fit several toys, and it all depends on the size.

A wonderful way to hide a thing is a long-proven method to put it in the most prominent place. Even with a sex toy, you can do this if it does not resemble an intimate object at all. Now produce vibrators in the form of lipstick or rubber duck. An innocent back massager can be an amazing toy for the clitoris and penis, and a beer can – an artificial vagina.