How to use a prostate massager

There is a common stereotype that prostate massage is practised only by gay men or with problems with the sexual sphere. Hell no! These vibrators are used in dating online. In this article, we will tell you about how this practice can diversify familiar sex, bring you closer to your partner and give new sensations. And just like choosing the right and anatomically correct massager this is one of the best sex toys.

Who needs a prostate massage?

Massage of the prostate gland is often recommended by doctors as a treatment and prevention of various male diseases. Therefore, the role of the medical procedure was firmly established for him. However, in the course of research by sexologists, it was revealed that the prostate is the second most important erogenous zone of a man, after the glans penis. This means that there is a large number of nerve endings and the correct stimulation of this zone will surely give you an unforgettable sexual sensation. Also, prostate massage is extremely useful, including absolutely healthy men, for the prevention of stagnation in the pelvic organs.

Massage can be carried out either manually, with the help of hands, or using special massagers.

If you decide to try it without toys, be sure to use gloves and a large amount of lubricant. It is desirable with additional effects, for example with a relaxing effect, slight anaesthesia or with healing and regenerating effect. This is necessary in order to avoid pain and injuries. It is important to understand that manual massage of the prostate is possible only with the participation of a partner. And this means that practice apart from benefit and pleasure will bring you closer together. After all, it is important to complete trust and interaction with each other.

Stimulation of the prostate during sex

Also, the prostate can be stimulated during paired sex for this use of special massagers. They usually represent the anal plug of the desired shape with an erection ring. This system allows you to securely fix the toy on the body of a man. Butt plug stimulates the prostate during frictional movements, and erection ring enhances erection and prolongs sexual intercourse, which generally improves the quality of sex. And a man gets a brighter orgasm at the expense of simultaneous stimulation of the main erogenous zones.

Such toys come with or without vibration function. One of the most successful models is the Bootie Ring from the Fun Factory. This manufacturer is different in that sexologists, urologists and gynecologists are always involved in the development of their toys. So they are the most anatomically correct. In such a toy – this is very important since it must simultaneously perform several functions. A butt plug is quite small and suitable even for beginners. Erection ring stretches well, which allows you to wear it on the base of the penis, and under the scrotum. In an online store, there are many different models of toys of this kind. There are equipped with vibration and vibro-rings, there are options with larger and raised traffic jams. These vibrators help ejaculation become possible.

However, these toys are not very suitable for a full prostate massage; it is rather an addition to sex. Anatomical massagers with vibration or rotation are best for massage.

How to choose the right massager?

The first thing you need to know when choosing a toy is that it should not be straight, but curved. This form allows you to quickly find and better stimulate the right points. Massagers are considered to be the most effective, as they have not only the submerged part of the correct form, but also an external perineum stimulator, which, when used, is under the scrotum, and additionally stimulates the perineum. The toy should be with powerful, deep vibration. Also, these massagers will be the best choice for those who plan to perform their own message. The site contains many models of different price categories, size and functionality.