How to Enjoy Your Vibrating Butt Plugs in the Shower

Butt plugs are a bliss when you are in the mood of a solid anal stimulation. You can fly solo with it to enjoy a divine masturbation or else get on with your partner for an exciting double penetration. The cool part is your butt plug need not be limited to your bedroom only. To add more spice to the experience, you may even take in your shower. Have you too got a butt plug and are you big fan of shower sex? Well, that’s hot and here are some sexy ideas on how to enjoy these stimulators in shower.

Self-pleasure in shower

Are you in the mood of some solo sensuous play in shower? Well, you can obviously use your butt plug here. Open the shower and let the stream of cool water relax your body and nerves. Then, lubricate your finger and insert it into your anus. After a while, when your anal region is set for an insertion, insert the plug. Feel the fullness gradually filling up your backdoor. Just one thing- make sure to lubricate the plug and your anal again before inserting the plug. Then, start to stimulate your clit. You can use your own finger here. Otherwise you can use a waterproof vibrator to create that dream buzz down under.

The anal region houses nerve endings and hence is extremely sensitive. When you push your butt plug inside, the area experiences a truly fulfilling stimulation. With your anal on high stimulation, it will be much easier for you to reach orgasm when your finger or vibrate your clit.

Please each other in shower

You will also have a lovely time with your butt plug with your partner in shower. The good part here is, unlike vibrators, butt plugs can be enjoyed by both men and women. It means, both you and your partner will have a lovely time with the butt plug while in shower.

First, you may let your partner insert the butt plug in your anal. With the butt plug stimulating you from the backdoor, engage in a steamy act of pleasing each other in shower. You can start with massaging his balls while he can massage your breasts. With water streams soaking both of you in cool pleasure, kiss and nibble each other vigorously. You can also ask your partner to finger your clit as you kiss and nibble him all over.

When you are all stimulated at the backdoor, ask your partner to take out the plug slowly. It’s time for him to enjoy that coveted stimulation at the back. Insert the plug inside his anal and then turn him towards you again. Continue with all the steamy acts that you have been doing all through till both of you reach a dream climax.

Enjoy double penetration in shower with butt plug

You can also indulge in double penetration in shower with your partner and the butt plug.

You can start the whole act with both of you stimulating each other with hot kisses, warm strokes and sexy nibbles. As you feel your senses being awakened, ask your partner to insert the plug into your anal. Feel the exciting fullness as the plug sits inside your anal. And then let your penetrate you so that you can feel full both the holes.

Safety tips to use butt plug in shower

Get a prep

Don’t just insert the butt plug them moment you get into the shower. It’s a very delicate process and hence needs some solid preparation to begin with- whether you are solo or with a partner. You have to turn your body on for a smooth pain-free insertion of the toy. If you are alone, start by touching your body all over. Massage your breasts and finger your clit. Once you are little aroused, you can insert the butt plug.

Follow the same when you are in the mood for a butt plug ride with your partner in shower. Engage in a passionate foreplay to arouse each other. Then, when the body is starting to get stimulated, ask your partner to insert the toy inside you.

Size and material matters

If it’s your first time with a butt plug, go for the smallest size. Once you get used to it, you can proceed to the larger ones. There are butt plug sets available today with plugs in various sizes for every level of anal play.

In regards to the plug material, as we are talking about shower fun here, it’s mandatory to stick to a waterproof material. Silicone plugs are waterproof and so are the metal ones. For more waterproof vibrating butt plug options, please open this website.

Use the right lube

Lubrication is extremely important when you are planning to use butt plug or any anal toy for that matter. It’s to note here, unlike vagina, the anus cannot lubricate itself. Thus, it will need external lubrication. You have to lubricate both the anal region and the toy. However, be careful while choosing the lubricant as not all lubes are compatible with every kind of butt plug material. For example, silicone lubes are not suitable for silicone plugs. Water-based lubricants would be a great option here.

Be careful while sharing

One of the best ways to enjoy butt plug in shower is by sharing it with your partner. As mentioned previously, a stimulated anal is a great prelude to a mindblowing orgasm. Thus, much like you, your partner too would love to experience that fullness at the backdoor. However, you have to be really careful if you are planning to share the butt plug with your partner. As per the experts, you must always top up the plug with a condom while using it inside your body. Then, after you are done, change the condom and get a new one before you insert the toy inside your partner. Make sure the condom is strong, durable and won’t tear out easily. Besides, as you are planning to use the tow in shower, the condom should be water-proof as well.