A lot of you have given robertrudigier.com compliments, so it’s time to meet Robert.

Robert shares his experiences on robertrudigier.com. It served as a diary of his sexcapades that cater to all gender and age. He was exposed to sex when he was 14 years old, and like any other male kids, he loved every feeling of it.

Two years after graduating from college, that’s when he experienced joining sex parties that include a threesome, and even orgies. It was a liberating experience for Robert, that he realized that sex does not define his masculinity. Sex is anything that gives pleasure and all sorts of sensations. It was only a matter of time until he jumped into having sexual intercourse with another male.

With his colorful sexual adventure, he decided to write everything that he could recall. He also used his blog to spread awareness to have protected and safe sex, saying that it’s the only way to enjoy this amazing gift. The initial reception was unexpected, as he started to grow readers from around the globe, admiring every story that he has posted on his blog.

Today, robertrudigier.com offers different write-ups from achieving good sexual health, trends, and some sex advice that his readers seek from him. He aims to provide more valuable digital content that helps his readers in every aspect possible.