A gay’s guide to a cleaner and safe anal sex

Cleaning Regimen

Let’s talk a bit about gay health. Having sex is a basic human need, and it’s good for you. During intercourse, you connect with your partner, become more comfortable with your body, and orgasm. All of these things are beneficial for your overall health, both in the short and in the long run.


The sex health of gays is even more important because they engage in anal sex. A lot can go wrong here if you’re not doing things right. So, we’ve prepared the best gay bottoming guide you can find, and we’ll start with a cleaning regimen.


Cleaning yourself before any kind of sex is mandatory. Well, sometimes you won’t be in the position to, but you should practice it as much as you can. That doesn’t only require washing your body, but washing your anus too. Encountering poop during anal sex isn’t that big of a deal, but it can be embarrassing.


To avoid that, everyone should have a cleaning regimen that suits them. Keep in mind that cleaning shouldn’t hurt. Maybe you’ll experience some discomfort in the beginning, but overall it should be a rather comfortable experience.

Train With Anal Toys

Anal sex is no joke, so take every aspect of it seriously. That means you need some anal training. Luckily, anal training kits and toys are available for purchase, so all you need to do is find the one you like. 


With anal training, it’s always best to start small. Yes, especially if you haven’t had anal sex in a long time. It’s in your best interest to keep yourself as safe as possible. Many people are eager to just jump to the largest butt plugs or anal toys because they think they can handle it. This is where it’s easy to make a mistake.


Using anal toys before your sexual encounters can also be helpful. This will help stretch and relax your muscles for easier insertion during intercourse. You can practice with toys the same day when you know you’ll be getting laid or a day or two before. 


Plus, we have to always remind people to use a generous amount of lubricant during sex. Your anus can’t lubricate itself as a vagina can, so it’s essential to give it a helping hand. That’s the only thing that will make your anal plays and sex more pleasurable.

Get Yourself Tested

There’s a common misconception that the gay community is riddled with STDs. These stereotypes are harmful to the community and overall individual gay health. On the other hand, some gays may take this as a sign to pay more attention to their and their partner’s health. 


This is one of the things that can really make or break any sexual encounter. How so? Well, imagine trying to get in bed with someone who isn’t getting tested regularly and thinks that it is not necessary. That would be a huge red flag, right? We think so, too.


You don’t want to be that person, so it’s best if you get tested regularly. How often you’re going to get tested depends on the number of partners you have. If you have only one partner, you can do annual tests for STDs and HIV. However, if you have more partners or enjoy casual sex, you may have to repeat those tests every 3–6 months.


Many people are afraid of testing because they don’t want to find out they have an STD. Don’t worry because nothing is embarrassing about it. You will receive treatment and, if anything, you’ll learn how to be more careful in the future.

Eat More Fiber

Another thing that helps not only with gay health but the overall health of all people is eating more fiber. Including fibers in your diet helps you have firmer and more regular stools. 


So, how does that help when it comes to anal sex? It’s pretty simple. During anal sex, you don’t want to experience any uncomfortable situation. One of them is encountering poop. While that can be embarrassing, it’s also completely natural because you can’t always clean every single speck of feces.


To prevent this from happening, have a high-fiber diet. When you pass stool regularly (or just more often), you can be sure that you won’t have any accidents during sex. Sure, you’ll still need to clean yourself before intercourse, but the process will be much easier. Plus, you get peace of mind knowing that your partner’s penis and your poop won’t get to meet while you’re trying to have fun.


Fiber-rich foods are healthy, delicious, and help with all things anal. So, there’s no need to avoid them at all costs because your options are either eating fiber or wondering if you’ll have an accident.

Use Douching Bulb or Enema

The safest way to clean your rectum is by using a douching bulb or an enema. We’ve heard many horror stories about how people clean themselves without these tools. One of them includes using a shower hose. If this applies to you, we’re here to help you change the way you clean yourself. Using a douching bulb or enema can improve the sex health of gays. Plus, it’s just more convenient, and you can even carry them around with you.


So, how does it work? Even though they may look different, various douching bulbs and enemas have the same components. A thin tube that goes into your rectum and a bulb/bag/bottle that stores the liquid. Once you’re in the shower or over the toilet, it’s going to be easy to insert the thin tube and let the liquids into your anus. Ensure the water is almost lukewarm and hold it in for a few moments before releasing it.


You’ll know you’re cleaning only when the water that comes out of you is also clean. After that, all you need to do is take a shower and go off into another adventure.